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Pheasants cooked like Mom does!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Pheasants are probably the tastiest wild bird you can eat. There are innumerable ways to fix them, but none quite so mouth watering as the way Mom does it! The following instructions will guide you through the process and produce a morsel you can be proud of!

Hint ... there is nothing "low cal" about this recipe!

Instructions: Shoot one bird ... or have a really good friend who hunts and is generous. Be sure to say "thank you." This way you may get more in the future!

Cut the pheasant up into smaller pieces: legs, split the breast in half, wings, and back (not much meat here). Roll the individual pieces in flour. Brown the pieces in butter in a skillet on the stove.

After browning, place the pieces in a covered roasting pan.

Pour cream (half and half for the calorie conscious) over the pheasant. Then shake a package of onion soup mix (this package will automatically contain salt and pepper) over the pieces. If you choose not to use the onion soup mix then salt and pepper to taste.

Bake the whole thing slowly at 325° - 350°. You may have to add more cream over the top as things heat up. Test with fork and stop when pheasant is tender.

Remove pheasant pieces for serving. The drippings make wonderful gravy!

One pheasant provides generous helpings for two people.

Enjoy! P.S. This family recipe was supplied by "Mom" Koranski. Enjoy! Bon Appetite!

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