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Come and join
us for a day of shooting!

A Double Gun Shooting Club based in Colorado.


The Rocky Mountain Vintagers


We are a double gun shooting club in Colorado. The mission of the Rocky Mountain Vintagers is the appreciation, enjoyment and pleasure of shooting both historical and modern day side by side shotguns and rifles. Whether they are a family heirloom, a double gun from the golden years of antiquity, or a modern manufactured double barreled shotgun, the inherent joys of shooting the time honored side by side is the reason we gather together.

Camaraderie of like-minded folks, men, women and young adults, who enjoy an informal outing at either a shooting park or in the field, is the order of the day. No stress of competition, no scoring of targets hit or targets missed, no trophies or medals, just the fun of being together, visiting and shooting flying, as someone famous once said.

Our shooting club does emphasize proper gun etiquette, sportsmanship and safety. Gentlemen and gentlewomen are always welcome, and good food and drink often enhance the savoring of our events.

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A Unique Adventure


What Others Are Saying

I went clay target shooting with Michael and had a lot of fun.

Tristan, 14




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