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RMV First Ladies Book Camp

The Vintagers first Ladies Boot Camp was a fun day of informative instruction by Cynthia Kruger, a multiple State and NSCA Lady Champion. She emphasized that women who intend to make the game of Sporting Clays a regular in their genre of sports should focus on finding a shotgun that fits properly to a female frame; weight, barrel length, length-of-pull, comb height and overall balance of the gun. Noting, a lady will not find the exhilaration of breaking targets when using a gun designed for a man. This is not a sport for hand-me-down guns, or borrowing a shotgun from a friend. Cynthia shared the difference between the field hunting approach of point and shoot, from the Sporting Clay focus on the insertion point and letting the target come to you. Set-up is paramount to success: basic gun safety, eye dominance, focus on stance, face firmly on the comb, individualized gun fit and determining the barrel insertion point in the flight of the target. There was no shortage of joy in the accomplishment of breaking a target. The opportunity for women only to learn in and encouraging and supportive atmosphere shaped new friendships and strengthened confidence to consider Sporting Clays as a new activity.

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